Buy A Franchise – Quick Oil Change

This franchise is your entrance into a rock-solid industry that has exploding consumer demand. Its services provide customers with a complete, convenient, preventative fluid maintenance program for their motor vehicles. Their range of services have increased and changed over time as they have adapted not only to the changes in today's cars and ... Continue reading

When Buying or Selling – Attorneys should be Deal-Friendly & Sale-Wise

Whether you are buying or selling a business, your legal counsel can make or break the deal. It is important that you emphasize to your attorney that you want the sale to go through. In many instances, the sale of the business fails to close because the attorney for one side or the other makes too many demands of the other side. Certainly, you ... Continue reading

How To Retain Key Employees During the M&A Process

STAYING POWER Nothing can turn a sweet M&A deal sour faster than a key employee leaving the company before the transaction is final. This kind of loss can reduce a company’s selling price, hinder integration plans, turn a star executive into a formidable competitor and even shut down a deal altogether. But bonus plans and other incentives can ... Continue reading

Buy A Franchise – Factoring and Accounts Receivable Funding

A franchise-factoring company provides funding to small and medium-sized clients. Factoring is the funding of B2B accounts receivables. It's a finance business similiar to banking where clients are provided with cash, based on credit worthy receivables verified with the clients' customers. If your clients are selling products or services to ... Continue reading