Buy a Business

Why a Business Buyer Should Use Murphy

Murphy Business is a leading Dallas-Fort Worth area business brokerage and is affiliated with National and International Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition associations. These connections help us discover the greatest opportunities for buying a business. The benefits from choosing Murphy Business as your partner, exceed what a local real estate or business sales firm can offer.

Reasons to buy a Business through Murphy Business in Tarrant County, Texas

Buying a business that’s right for you should be a very individualized experience. Your life expectations, goals, and dreams are just some of the things that we need to understand to represent you as your business broker. We will help you understand which business types may present opportunities or obstacles and how your skills and previous life experience will have an impact on your decision regarding what type of company to purchase. We will work as a team to allow you to reach your ultimate goal and you will have a professional partner to represent you through the entire process.

Steps in Buying a Business

Murphy Business provides assistance to buyers through every step of the buying process to find a business that matches your needs. The experienced business brokers who have owned or managed businesses in the past will walk you through the business.

Most people who have searched for a business to purchase have discovered that it is difficult to find the right deal. They typically find that most of the listed companies are “tired” listings and have numerous issues.  They often find major discrepancies, such as the definitions used for income and cash flow and what multiples to use in determining the true value of a company.   They often experience annoyingly slow responses from brokers and sellers.  In other words, the obstacles in this process can be daunting.

The best buying opportunities usually do not come off the various internet listing sites. The owners of the most attractive companies are usually more than happy to talk with real buyers but are not likely to list their business for sale unless there are compelling reasons to do so.  In the meantime, you, the motivated buyer, have wasted a lot of time and money on less desirable companies.

We will first build a profile of what you are looking for and what your financial needs and capabilities to accomplish your goal.  We will then align you with various funding groups, banks, equity groups, angels or other sources.  As we are doing this, we will begin the search on your behalf.  Just the fact that you have engaged a professional and invested in a real process will bring credibility to your search.

Once a prospective business is identified, our valuation professionals provide buyers a fair market value of the business for sale to ensure you are receiving the maximum value for your dollars spent. Our lender connections will assist in arranging traditional financing or an SBA business loan if needed.

Murphy Business helps connect buyers and sellers daily and pilot them through the entire buying process. We will customize your search to present you the most suitable businesses.

If you would like to buy a business, Murphy Business in Tarrant County, Texas can be your one-stop business brokerage firm. Finding the right business for sale can be overwhelming with all the opportunities available. Murphy Business will work with you to help narrow down suitable businesses that fit your needs and make buying a business a successful experience.