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Stop the Presses! We Sold this Business without taking it to Market!

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Posted by Justin W. Sandridge, CBI on

At the beginning of 2020, Caleb contacted us to explore his options for selling his business.  He wanted his business to be sold by the summer of 2021 so he could relocate his family to Florida.  Caleb's mother owned the business before him and he had been working there since he was a teenager ...
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7 Simple Things to Consider When Planning To Sell Your Business

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Posted by Justin W. Sandridge, CBI on

While operating a small business, most business owners like to show as little profit as possible to minimize taxes. Wanting to avoid taxes is understandable; however, it can cause concern when the time comes to sell the business. The idea is that if you reduce the risk for a buyer, this will ...
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Ten Steps to Selling your Small Business

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Posted by Justin W. Sandridge, Certified Business Intermediary on

If, after evaluating your options, you decide that selling your business to a third party is the right exit strategy for you, you will quickly experience that it is a very emotional and stressful process. The steps to selling a company are not black-and-white, nor clearly defined. The lines blur, ...
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Behavioral Health Practice Sold – March 22, 2019 – Severna Park, MD

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Posted by Justin W. Sandridge, Business Broker on

Business Sold March 22, 2019:  Bay Area Behavioral Health  We were referred to the owner of Bay Area Behavioral Health, John Driscoll, by his accountant, Allen Alperstein, in August 2018.  We conducted a valuation on the business and was able to quickly get the business on the mark ...
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Posted by Murphy Business Broker – Shelly Stansfield on

The buzz is that if you are a Baby Boomer and you want to sell your business in the next few years, then you are in the majority. You are not the only Baby Boomer and will possibly have your business compete against many more similar businesses in both model and industry. In order to be well-prepare ...
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