Buy A Franchise – Dryer Vent Cleaning and Service

Imagine a scene in a household when a dryer stops working. A consumer's first inclination is to believe that the dryer is broken. In many situations a repair person is called only to find out that it is not a malfunctioning dryer, but the dryer vent needs cleaning. Dryer vent lint build-up causes dryers to work inefficiently or not at all. Because repair center personnel do no clean, repair or replace dryer vents, they refer customers to the Yellow Pages.

Here's the market niche…there has been no organized company providing this service in the Yellow Pages. When the home is in disarray because there are no dry clothes, the search to find someone to help is an urgent call! This is where we come in. Through networking with local repair centers and property managers, our franchisees receives referrals that put them in touch with consumers who need our service and need it now!

A competitive advantage: An important aspect of our service is safety. Dryer vent lint build-up is the leading cause of fires in homes. Also dryer vents in older homes do not meet current building codes. In addition to the safety hazard and building code problems, a clean dryer vent helps to safeguard homes from the dangers of mold and mildew. With a lifetime warranty, our consumers are assured that we will be out on an annual basis to clean, repair or replace their dryer vent.

A Proven Concept: Our closing ratio is 94%. Our average ticket is $358.00. We have perfected the cleaning, repairing and replacement of dryer vents, so our franchisees don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Key Business Model: This is an Owner Operated OR Executive Model franchise opportunity. With low overhead, few employees and family friendly hours this may be the right opportunity for you!