Buy A Franchise – Sport Nutrition Centers

American's invest $16 billion dollars in sports nutrition & weight loss supplements a year and is growing 6 to 7% annually. Needless to say, health and fitness is now a huge industry and shows every sign of continued growth. A notable segment of the American public now understands the value of staying healthy and living longer and more productively. We stand ready to help Americans achieve their goal!

Who constitutes our customer base? 90% are mostly normal everyday people who desire to get into shape. Women now constitute 42% of that base. The smaller 10% are people looking to build more muscle and do it well. High school athletes needing to increase more muscle and endurance athletes of all ages come to us, looking to increase lean muscle mass and lose the fat. Our products are highly nutritious, easily digestible, easy to take, flavorful and pack the needed punch!

This franchise opportunity is devoted exclusively to that market, through single unit, multi-unit or regional territories. Our franchisees offer clients information, motivation, guidance, knowledge and supplemental products. While this is a retail store operation, our hours are typically 10am to 6pm, low number of employees, wide margins, an upbeat, forward-thinking clientele and a chance to help people improve their own health and fitness. Our stores are low overhead and low maintenance with no food preparation!

Franchisees can own and operate one or more stores and owners can hire managers to create more passive involvement. Larger, regional territories are available for qualified candidates.

Our ideal candidate would be someone with a strong desire and willingness to build a successful retail business and a strong belief in health, fitness and nutrition. Strong people skills are helpful as a willingness to market, network and promote business in the community is key.