Philip Davis

Business Intermediary


Philip Davis

Cell: (215) 594-9166

Phone: (856) 595-9010

10 North State Street

Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940

For eighteen years Philip was an independent contractor for one of the World’s largest and most respected nonprofit organizations. It was his responsibility to oversee public relations, marketing, personnel supervision and facilities management for operations ranging from two to five million dollars. He was personally responsible for meeting payrolls for over a staff of 70, managing a fleet of vehicles including 12 tucks, budgeting and of course any an all crisis management. Through it all, all the stress and joys, involved in the entrepreneurial life he discovered the secret to success and his passion: facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between even the most adverse parties. 

At times this could be emotionally draining as each party naturally contended for their best interest but Philip discovered he was ideally “wired” to absorb and diffuse this natural tension to facilitate highly productive negotiations. Throughout his career he managed to forge quality partnerships with the even most unlikely of parties. Now it’s his passion to bring the right parties together to see that great companies continue to prosper.