Value Coaching

You will eventually exit your business. If you don’t prepare, it could be devastating: You may find out it’s not sellable, worth what you need to retire, or structured properly…and you’re out of time.

When you plan your transition several years in advance with Value Coaching, you can maximize your business’ worth, take care of your employees, and leave a legacy.

Value Coaching packages offer

Knowledge: You will receive an updated business valuation each year so you always know where you stand.INSIGHT: Learn what you should be doing to prepare for transition and increase your business’ value. ROI: By investing in your business now, you’ll sell for more later.

You’ve spent years building your company: hiring team members who are like family, creating wonderful experiences for your customers, and serving the community well. When it is time to pass the torch to the next generation of ownership, you want to transition well and earn a fair price. Over the past decade, we’ve been providing accurate valuations, coaching, and consulting to help our clients improve their business’ value and marketability.

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