It’s truly been a pleasure

Posted by Shannon Foust on

Good Morning Shannon,

Just a quick note to tell you thanks for everything you have done for us. We really appreciate it. You told us you would sell our company, and you did! We couldn't be happier! Well, we'll be happier once the funds transfer, but otherwise, we're good! We're glad we went yesterday to sign the paperwork, we were hesitant, but we think it turned out ok.

We have really enjoyed working with you, it's truly been a pleasure, and we hope to cross paths in the future. Perhaps we'll meet occasionally for a soda or something, just to catch up. And we are looking forward to dinner with you and your wife soon. That is very nice of you! (Steve Sohnly never even bought us a coffee – haha!) In fact, since we are now going to have much less stress, how about you tell us when you'd like to go? We can do a weeknight or a weekend, whichever you prefer.

So again, thanks so much for everything. Have a great weekend, see you soon,

Emma & Larry