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Steve Pereira
Steve Pereira  -  Business Broker, CM&AP
Cal DRE #01963296
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7700 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 800
Irvine, California 92618
Phone: (562) 452-1300
Cell: (949) 238-8053


Steve Pereira is an experienced California business broker who brings more than 40 years of diversified experience in the business world to Murphy Business & Financial Corporation Los Angeles.

An entrepreneur at heart, Steve became inspired to become a business broker several years ago while evaluating the various paths that were available to him while attempting to bring his own patented product to fruition, whether it be manufacturing to sell, granting licensing rights, or selling the patent out right.

As is often the case in life, one door closes while another opens. Though efforts to purchase a component manufacturing business to launch his new product fell just short, he was introduced to and became quite intrigued by the world of business brokering.  The broker offered him an opportunity and, after taking some time to perform his due diligence, Steve accepted the offer and shortly after acquired his California real estate license.

Prior to becoming a business broker, Steve was a professional expert witness in the fenestration industry (windows and doors) for over 20 years and was retained by attorneys, insurance companies, manufacturers and residential builders on hundreds of cases to provide expert testimony in the areas of product design, installation, construction defect, personal injury, and property damage.

Steve’s experience also included the position of technical director of California Association of Window Manufacturers’ certification program. Notably in that role Steve co-authored and published the industry's first nationally recognized installation standard for both products with integral nailing fins in wood-framed construction. He also represented CAWM at important industry and legislative events.

Earlier in his career, Steve worked in Asia as a manufacturing facilities manager and also held positions with several aluminum extrusion firms as engineering manager overseeing CAD/drafting departments responsible for extrusion profile designs, fabrication and assembly drawings, and factory workflow floor planning.

These roles have laid a solid foundation for Steve’s advanced technical acumen, which serves him well today as a Murphy business broker.

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