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Jim Dobbie  -  Business Intermediary
Contact Information
600 W 59th Street
Kansas City Missouri 64113
Phone: (913) 543-5433


With over 34 years experience in Financial Services and software design, Jim has an excellent understanding of the needs of a business owner.

Jim holds an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting / Finance. He is a highly accomplished business executive with extensive experience leading a software company in the financial services industry.

Jim has demonstrated proficiency in managing all aspects of a business including the Financial Viability, Client Relations, Product Management, Systems Design, Sales, and Product implementation. He designed a system from its inception obtaining the business from 7 of the top 10 mutual fund companies in the United States. In return, the system had annual revenue results of $30 million.

Jim also had product management responsibility for three other products including; an Insurance Securities Accounting system, a Financial Compliance system, and a Data Warehousing system. Two of these products were European Based products giving him the opportunity to manage people and product in Europe.

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