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Michael Coody, MD
Michael Coody, MD  -  Business Intermediary
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510 E Loop 281, Suite B-125
Longview, Texas 75605
Phone: (903) 807-9192


Dr. Michael Coody has spent his life in the service industry.  From direct patient care in life and death situations in the ER, to patient care in rural, underserved clinics, to developing healthcare systems for medical centers, to innovative changes within their systems, to physician and other healthcare worker supervision and management, to successful business startups and buying and selling businesses. 

Dr. Coody speaks of the significance of major life change events, such as death in the family, divorce, loss of job, etc., as taught to medical doctors, and the effects these events have on peoples’ lives.  Michael knows as an observer, and from personal experience that selling a business is absolutely a major life change event for most business owners, with all the social, psychological, and financial implications represented.  He is well versed in helping people navigate these challenges from a lifetime of experience.

Dr. Coody especially enjoys the interactions with business owners, because in spite of a politician’s rhetoric, “You did build this.”  He strongly believes business owners are the core of the growth of this great country and deserve to reap the rewards of the hard work and sacrifices they made to build their businesses, by selling their business for market value.

“Helping a business owner that has traveled from point A to point B, and now wants to sell their business to get to point C, and start the next phase of their life, is an honor that gives me great personal satisfaction.  I enjoy guiding business owners through this process, while they  continue to devote their efforts to running their business.”

Dr. Coody received his MD degree from LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans.

He is married and has 5 children and 6 grandchildren.  He enjoys family time, reading, golf, and getting a “good sweat on” at the farm. 

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