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Anne Tarantino
Anne Tarantino  -  Business Intermediary
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250 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 210
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344
Phone: (952) 303-3202


I grew up outside of Milwaukee, WI and moved to the Tampa Bay area. I started my 1st career in collections.  I worked my way from the desk to Director of Operations. My experience consists of cedical, credit card, loans, mortgages, foreclosures and the last 10 years of that career took me to the U.S Department of Education contract overseeing operations on student loans. I was transferred from Tampa to Chicago and then to the Twin Cities.

My second career was in IT sales. I learned the ins and outs of networking hardware. I started off as a broker and then moved to end user business and then finally to solutions. After working at the company for a few years, I bought part of it. My partner and I owned it until 2020.

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