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Alfredo Cedrone
Alfredo Cedrone  -  Business Intermediary
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4104 Hyridge Drive
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: (512) 766-5000


With over 40 years of success in a variety of industries, Alfredo has always enjoyed the knowledge and challenges brought with each venture.

Starting his career as an Engineer and migrating into Sales and Product Management, he developed the skills to develop and drive new products and services to the market place. Working with many of the major companies and startups, his product technologies were applied in numerous fields such as telecommunications, oil and gas, medical, computer, space and all branches of the military.

Alfredo has also experienced the challenges of starting several businesses both franchised and independent with the ability to sell the businesses for a premium at their peak. This was done by following well-defined business plans and a philosophy that “money and profits are the result, not the goal”.

Alfredo is a licensed Real Estate Agent with extensive Real Estate experience with both commercial and residential properties in the US and in Europe.

Alfredo has a Bachelor of Science Engineering Degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and holds eight US and European patents.


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