Think the dry cleaning industry might be profitable for you?

The dry cleaning industry accounts for almost $10 Billion in revenue each year. As a highly competitive industry, location and customer retention are the key components to success.

Owning your own company can be a rewarding and successful experience. The knowledgeable and credentialed professional staff at Murphy Business & Financial Services can provide the industry expertise necessary to help you buy or sell a dry cleaning company. Murphy Business & Financial Services has many offices located throughout the country that provide unsurpassed service with far-reaching resources making it one of the largest and most successful brokerage firms in the US. Our professional staff of business transaction brokers have many years of experience in a wide range of service industries and know what it takes to create a high quality service oriented company. In fact, some of our brokers have actually owned and operated dry cleaning businesses themselves for many years. Murphy transaction brokers have years of experience assisting clients in finding the right company to own. Why not let us help you to?


Key Factors

  • Demand is spurred by population growth
  • Demand is also related to growth in consumer income
  • Location is the most important factor for success