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City Kitty Franchise LLC

City Kitty Franchise LLC
  • Listing# : F000319
  • Liquid Capital : $0
  • Type of Business : Cat Groomi...
  • Minimum Investment : $65,950
  • Maximum Investment : 82900

Business Type :

Animals/Pets / Pet Grooming

About Us :

We are the innovator and pioneer of the cats only grooming business. It was the first to recognize the need for a grooming service dedicated to cats. We are a cat grooming spa. Pamper your kitty in a serene, spa-like environment providing them with personalized care based on an individualized assessment on every visit. We present a unique opportunity within the booming pet care industry and is well positioned in a fast growing market.

Key Business Features :

A full service grooming salon exclusively for cats. Proven Cat Grooming System. Extensive Classroom and on the job training. Full Marketing Support. Professional Advertising Materials. Exclusive Territory. Proprietary computer software program. Because we care about the health and well-being of all kitties and our planet, we use only natural and botanical products.

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