Exit Planning Advisor

Mariann Montgomery, CEPA

Mariann Montgomery is a business intermediary for Murphy Business & Financial Corporation and is proudly recognized Certified Exit Planning Advisor by E.P.I., Exit Planning Institute, having completed all CEPA requirements. She now joins The International Community of Business Advisors aside from the Exit Planning Institute, forming part of an elite group of business advisors.

So what is a CEPA and what does it mean to a business owner?

The CEPA program offers Attorneys, CPAs/accountants, business brokers, financial advisors, valuation advisors, investment bankers, commercial lenders, consultants, wealth managers, insurance professionals, mergers & acquisition advisors, and other professional advisors working for private business owners a new innovative learning experience, performance-enhancing knowledge and tools for successful exit planning practice. Mariann of Murphy Business & Financial Corp has the resources and knowledge to help you prepare, evaluate and maximize the value of your business for a successful exit plan transaction.

Sell your business with CEPA, Mariann

A well-designed Exit Plan is crucial to business owners looking to receive top dollar for their business. A business owner who sells his business without a comprehensive exit plan usually sell for a lot less than the business is worth. Or in worst case scenarios businesses who fail to make an exit plan and owners die or become disabled can lead to loss of sales and the business can be a burden on the family. The benefits of Exit Planning for Business Owners include:

  • Organize & achieve business goals
  • Maximize the value of your business
  • Have control over your exit plan
  • Ensure growth of your business
  • Reduce employee uncertainty
  • Secure family harmony and minimize uncertainties
  • Minimize estate and income tax
  • Facilitate retirement
  • Secure Financial Security

Choose a Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Choosing a Certified Exit Planning Advisor is your best choice, Mariann of Murphy business is a professional advisor with knowledge and expertise to assist you in making informed decisions relating to your business exit plan transaction. All members of CEPA designation complete rigorous education requirement and pass an examination. Looking for a CEPA professional? Contact Mariann Montgomery to discuss financial business goals and prepare for exit planning today!