Since Murphy Business is an international firm, we can provide you with access to the broadest number of qualified, potential sellers. Instead of only having access to the local market, we expose you to worldwide opportunities when buying a business, to find the best suitable business for sale.

Through our global reach, we have access to thousands of business for sale listings – many of which are not advertised publicly – giving you the maximum number of qualified candidates for purchase within your targeted geographic area of consideration.

Our valuation experts can help determine the fair market value of the business in which you are interested in to ensure that you’re getting maximum value for your dollars spent. We will use our banking contacts to assist you in arranging to finance, if necessary, for your business purchase.

Helping you find the right business is only the first step in a business acquisition. We’ll guide you through the entire process of buying a business, including the closing.

Buy-side Advisory – “Your Outsourced M&A Department”

Murphy Business assists companies that want to grow by acquisition. In several scenarios, Murphy can act as a company’s outsourced M&A Department. Sometimes a company is not large enough to justify the ongoing fixed cost of a full-time staff focusing on acquisitions. Or, a company may be headquartered outside the United States and they need local representation searching for U.S. acquisitions. Either way, Murphy can assist its clients in achieving their growth plans in a cost-effective manner.

Murphy Business utilizes the following process to achieve our clients’ goals:

  • Assist in defining Acquisition Criteria
  • Identify potential Acquisition Candidates
  • Initiate contact with the Principals of targeted Acquisition Candidates to determine their interest in selling
  • Qualify the opportunities
  • Arrange a confidential meeting with Principals of Acquisition Candidates
  • Help value the targeted company and assist in structuring an offer
  • Assist in negotiations with the targeted company
  • Facilitate due diligence
  • Assist in arranging to finance, if necessary

Under the terms of our agreement to serve as your outsourced M&A department, you would pay a small retainer to Murphy, with the majority of the fee paid only if a transaction takes place. In this manner, the M&A function is a variable cost rather than the fixed cost of staff focusing on M&A.