Selling a Business with Murphy of Minnesota (MN)

Murphy Business is a leading Minnesota (MN) business brokerage in affiliations with National and International Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition associations. These connections provide maximum exposure in selling a business yet still ensuring confidentiality.

Our experienced valuation professionals help owners realize the true value of their business to properly establish a suitable marketing plan to help sell a business. The professionals at Murphy Business know the Minnesota (MN) market and provide you access to the broadest number of qualified buyers.

If you are in Minnesota (MN) and you’re thinking about selling your business, here is how the Murphy Team can help you:

  • Work closely with you to clearly understand your business and your goals
  • Learn about your business from all aspects to help optimize positioning and buyer search
  • Professional assistance in determining fair market value of business and asking price
  • Work with our clients to explain the entire business transfer process and have the business fully prepared for engaging buyers (and lenders)
  • Create a crisp, comprehensive, and compelling ‘Confidential Offering Memorandum’ that tells the entire ‘story’ of the business and outlines the ‘deal structure’ in a professional manner
  • Develop a marketing strategy that is based on common sense, hard work, and ‘pro-activeness’
  • Manage the marketing of the business with buyer search(es), confidentiality protection (NDA’s), buyer qualification, and initial review without interrupting seller or business
  • Effectively handle offers and negotiations as well as the due diligence process where the buyer formally inspects the business and any contingencies get individually removed
  • Work with both parties and the closing team (attorneys and possibly title company) to create closing documents and execute a smooth closing with successful results for our clients

How to Sell a Business

The Murphy’s experienced professionals will be with you each step of the way when answering the daunting questions of “how to sell a business”.

  • Prepare a detailed offering portfolio
  • Arrange a business valuation
  • Develop a marketing plan to sell a business
  • Implement the plan and promote to potential buyers
  • Negotiate offer to purchase or letter of intent
  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Finalize Closing through Financing and Funding

Partnering with the Minnesota Business Brokerage

We provide a detailed offering portfolio above the typical on page MLS form. Going above and beyond in information gathering and presentation is just one way Murphy Business exceeds expectations to help provide information for buyers in their due diligence efforts. These efforts often help make selling a business smoother with speedier transaction times.

In addition, Murphy Business brokers can create a customized marketing plan to attract the most suitable qualified buyer. Our local and national connections and associations create a network of thousands of brokers seeking out the correct buyer.

We provide our network of banking professionals to assist the buyer with traditional financing or SBA small business loans. While providing this service we can often minimize the amount of seller financing, if needed.

Murphy Business assists sellers through all the steps of selling a business, even through the closing. Contact your local Minnesota (MN) office today to receive a business valuation and all the information you need on how to sell a business


The Minnesota (MN) Murphy Business Brokerage Firm services all of Minnesota including the following business areas: Minneapolis/St Paul, Duluth, Bemidji, Brainerd, Rochester, Mankato, Marshall, Willmar, St. Cloud, and Moorhead.