Valuing Your Business


Whether you’re selling or buying, we’ll help turn your vision into reality

  Initial consultation. We’ll meet with you to determine:

  • Whether a valuation is necessary for your situation and the purpose of the valuation
  • Which of our services are appropriate, including which valuation method we’ll use
  • An overview of the process along with a timeline for the valuation

After the initial consultation, we’ll draw up an engagement letter that documents our mutual understanding of the valuation to be completed and the information we’ll need from you to complete the work.

Gathering pertinent information

We’ll walk you through the process of gathering the business and financial documents needed to complete your valuation. These documents may range from tax returns and financial statements to a list of assets and risk/value drivers.

Research and analysis

Once we have the necessary documentation, we’ll work to fully understand all the financial and operational aspects of your company. We’ll tour your business and its surroundings, learn your sales approach, analyze your market position and competition, and interview key personnel. We’ll research relevant economic factors, industry trends, revenue and earnings over recent years, expectations for the future, potential risk factors and comparable industry transactions.

Valuation report preparation

Using a variety of valuation methodologies, weighing the purpose of the valuation and analyzing the data collected, we’ll create a comprehensive report delineating our findings. We’ll meet with you to review the report, make sure you fully understand the independent, objective and supportable conclusions it contains, and ensure that it meets its intended purpose. We’ll make any necessary revisions and prepare the final report. All of our valuation reports adhere to the Institute of Business Appraisers standards and Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practices.