Leasing is an investment that often receives less scrutiny than it deserves. A comparative lease analysis is the best way to protect your interests and make sure you get the best deal. Our team has in-depth commercial market knowledge and years of experience performing detailed, accurate, concise lease analyses. You’ll have a professional advocate in your corner to protect your investment and make sure you get the best deal possible—quickly and without breaking your budget. Tenant representation is the key to achieving your leasing goals. Call us today for a confidential interview. Our lease analysis includes:

  • Analysis of your commercial space, square footage, amenities, architectural criteria and location needs
  • Costs of occupancy analysis to determine whether leasing or buying is in your best interest
  • Market survey to determine what is available that best suits your needs
  • Property comparative analysis based on market survey. The comparative analysis lists and compares pertinent data such as the submarket, class of office space building, rental rate, expense stop and parking ratio. It also includes is the comparison of other crucial information such as space ownership, property management, year of construction and amenities.
  • Negotiations of the lease and other significant commercial space leasing issues to protect your investment. A commercial lease is basically a partnership agreement that should protect your interests—not the landlord. Our experience will help prevent unforeseen difficulties.

All commercial real estate transactions are handled by Murphy Commercial Realty of North & South Texas.