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Your First Conversation with the Seller: Making the Most of It

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Posted by Richard Parker on

Prospective business buyers often make the terrible mistake of being overzealous when talking with a seller for the first time. I get it; you’re excited. Perhaps you have spent a ton of time looking at listings and do not want to waste any time on potential businesses that fail to meet your cr ...
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What Matters Most to Business Buyers?

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Posted by Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC on

An established business has much to offer a prospective buyer. A proven product or service exists, as well as a customer base. Typically, there are experienced employees and managers in place (and many choose to remain with the company after the sale is complete). There is a cash flow from the first ...
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Small Business Buyer’s Wish List

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Posted by Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC on

We recently presented a wish list for a typical seller of a small business. Now, it's the buyer's turn. Entrepreneurs - whether they are buyers or sellers - generally agree on several factors that make the business transfer process more seamless overall. A buyer wants: A solid business ...
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You Have Goodwill Because?

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Posted by Dick Halterman Murphy Business – Shenandoah Valley, Virginia on

From time to time, I am in the unfortunate position of telling some 50-year old business owner that they "just don’t have any goodwill". "But we have been around forever, or our name is like a household word in the community, or we literally have thousands of customers"&nbs ...
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Posted by Murphy Business Broker – Shelly Stansfield on

The buzz is that if you are a Baby Boomer and you want to sell your business in the next few years, then you are in the majority. You are not the only Baby Boomer and will possibly have your business compete against many more similar businesses in both model and industry. In order to be well-prepare ...
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