Thinking About a Franchise Business?

Our Murphy Business brokers are professionals at finding franchise businesses for sale in Kansas City. Owning a franchise is a great opportunity if you ever want to be your own boss. New franchises are born every single day, and our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way to owning your own franchise.

– Start with the Facts.


Are you researching whether or not a franchise opportunity is right for you?

  • 55% of all Americans want to be their own boss
  • 37% of all households are involved in small business
  • 70% of all high school students want to start a business
  • 1 out of every 25 adults is currently starting a business


  • More than $800 billion in annual sales
  • 40.9% of all retail
  • Total franchise sales over 2.3 Trillion to the economy
  • Franchise Businesses have $660.9 Billion of annual payrolls or 12.5% of all private sector payrolls in the United States


  • 1 in 12 business establishments is a franchise
  • A new franchise opens every 8 minutes of every business day
  • There are approximately 3000 different Franchisors (Franchise Business Companies) operating in the U.S today
  • Over 900,000 Franchised businesses
  • Over 300 Franchise Business Categories


  • More than 21 Million people are employed by franchise businesses or 15.3% of all U.S. jobs
  • Franchised businesses create more than 170,000 new jobs each year


  • According to the U.S. Commerce Department, fewer than 5% of Franchises were terminated on an annual basis
  • In a study by Arthur Anderson & Company of 366 franchise companies, nearly 97% were still in business after 5 years
  • In contrast, a study by the U.S. Small Business Administration revealed that 62.2% of all new businesses failed within their first 6 years of business

The cost of buying a franchise:

Franchises are more affordable than you think. Typically $50,000 is needed to readily invest with the ability to finance the rest. Many finance options are available and we can help you find financing.

Average Initial Investment Range



Under $50,000




$50,001 to $100,000




$100,001 to $250,000




$250,001 to $500,000




Over $500,000




  • The average initial investment is $250,000, excluding Real Estate
  • The average royalty fee paid by franchisees range from 6% to 10% of monthly gross sales
  • The average length of a franchise contract is 10 years

Source – FranData

Owning a franchise is an affordable option to own a business, and there are several low-cost franchise opportunities available in Kansas City. There are always high-quality franchise businesses for sale, and our brokers can help you buy your own franchise. Contact us today for assistance in this process.