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The Murphy Process for Selling a Business

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Posted by Mike Metzger on

The thought of selling your business on the open market can be intimidating and confusing. A business transfer is far more complex than say selling your house or other tangible asset.  While no two transactions are exactly the same, Murphy has developed a proven, repeatable process to help ...
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Your First Conversation with the Seller: Making the Most of It

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Posted by By Richard Parker – Diomo Corporation on

Prospective business buyers often make the terrible mistake of being overzealous when talking with a seller for the first time. I get it; you’re excited. Perhaps you have spent a ton of time looking at listings and do not want to waste any time on potential businesses that fail to meet your cr ...
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The Emotional Aspects of Selling Your Business

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Posted by Michael Metzger on

It probably goes without saying that selling a business can be an emotional experience.  Very few owners can completely distance themselves from their business . . . after all, this is their baby.  Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to irrational decisions that can hinder or block the suc ...
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