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The Murphy Process for Selling a Business

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Posted by Mike Metzger on

The thought of selling your business on the open market can be intimidating and confusing. A business transfer is far more complex than say selling your house or other tangible asset.  While no two transactions are exactly the same, Murphy has developed a proven, repeatable process to help ...
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Don’t Treat Your Business Like an ATM


Posted by Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC on

We’ve all heard the old adage that “Cash is King”. Well, that may be true, but if you’re treating your business like and ATM and bleeding cash from sales, you are cheating yourself in the long run. I’ve never met a small business owner who believes that there are not e ...
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The Emotional Aspects of Selling Your Business

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Posted by Michael Metzger on

It probably goes without saying that selling a business can be an emotional experience.  Very few owners can completely distance themselves from their business . . . after all, this is their baby.  Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to irrational decisions that can hinder or block the suc ...
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If You Are Truly Ready to Sell, Ask Yourself These Questions

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Posted by Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC on

If I sell the business now, will I get enough money to satisfy my needs? Will I really improve my personal financial position, or should I wait a little bit longer? Define priorities: Do I want an all-cash deal, so that I can wash my hands and be done with the business? (This will generally resu ...
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