Why Should I Use a Murphy Business Broker? – Serving Baltimore East, Maryland (MD)

Why Should I Use a Murphy Business Broker?

Why Should I Use a Murphy Broker?

Not everyone can be a Murphy business broker. The standards to become a member of the Murphy team are high. All brokers must be former business owners or have held senior executive positions. In addition, most are highly credentialed professionals holding certifications in business appraisal, machinery & equipment appraisal, consulting and business analysis, mergers & acquisitions and/or exit planning.

These experiences and credentials give brokers an educated perspective on the value drivers within a business and how to maximize that value at the time of sale. It also allows them to uncover hidden value or opportunity areas that a buyer may be able to capitalize on. Murphy provides the highest level of training and support in the industry. With over 150 offices throughout North America, we have brokers that have been involved in virtually every business imaginable and they are eager to share their expertise.

Why should you use a Murphy Business broker in Baltimore? Murphy is the premier business brokerage in North America and you simply will not find a more qualified and professional organization.

Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions When Considering Other Business Brokers.

How Will You Market My Business?

We’ll put together a professional presentation on the business that will include the company history, financial statements, pictures and anything else that is pertinent to your particular business. This presentation will only be released to potential buyers once they’ve signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

We will then go to work advertising your business and utilizing our vast network of brokers across the United States to achieve maximum exposure. We talk with every inquiry to make sure that they understand all the strengths of your business.

How Many Websites Will You Advertise My Business On?

Murphy has relationships with over 30 different websites that advertise businesses for sale. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to learn about your business.

Do You Co-Broke?

Some Business Brokers will not split their commission with another broker if that broker brings them a buyer. This effectively limits the buyer pool to only buyers that are working with that particular broker. Co-Brokering is a requirement to be able to list businesses on the MLS system for businesses in Florida.

Murphy Co-Brokes – Which means that your business will go up on the MLS system and will be viewable by many other business brokers. They’ll see your business and will have a financial motive for finding a buyer for it – effectively putting dozens of other brokers to work finding a buyer for your business.

Why should you use a Murphy Business broker? You should seek out the services of Murphy Business brokers because we are professional, experienced and extremely skilled at buying and selling businesses. We work hard to ensure our clients buy the business of their dreams or sell their business quickly and efficiently.