We were looking for a team that had experience with middle market acquisitions

Posted by Mark Edelman and Ken McMullen, Co-Owners, Mark-Air, Inc. on

We were looking for a team that had experience with middle market acquisitions. Our Wells Fargo Wealth Advisor referred us to Ron Buck and Tully Ryan with Murphy Business Sales, and we got exactly what we were looking for. Ron, Tully, and the entire Murphy team not only met, but far surpassed our expectations. We were extremely satisfied with their expertise, thoroughness, and level-headed navigation through the inevitable noise of the transaction. Not to mention the price, terms, strength of the buyer, and the time it took to complete the transaction. We really appreciate all that they did for us, from initial engagement to closing (and even post-closing), and would highly recommend them to other owners interested in selling their business.

Ron and his team puts together for a potential purchaser of the business

Posted by Wayne Sellers on

My comment here is in reference to the professional package that Ron and his team put together for a potential purchaser of the business. The reason for getting the price sometimes you are trying to get for your business is justified with a clear and concise, but detailed report of the key legal, financial and human resources along with the picture of profits. This is included in the ones that Murphy Business & Financial Carolinas presents to its potential purchasers, I’m very impressed.

When we decided to sell our business through a broker

Posted by Janet and Scott Cameron, Owners, Mechanical & Maintenance Supply Company on

When we decided to sell our business through a broker, we consulted our BB&T wealth management group and another broker, who was in the process of selling our son’s dental practices. Within a few days, they both called to recommend Ron Buck, with Murphy Business.   It was very reassuring to have two trusted groups of professionals come up with the very same name.

Ron took the time to familiarize himself with our specific industry and was able to provide us with a great slate of potential buyers.  In his true professional manner, he guided us through every step of the process from the listing worksheet to the last-minute details at closing.  He is well versed in all aspects of selling, from the legal and financial to real estate.  Being the true gentleman he is, he worked extremely well with our accountant and our attorney.

Ron attended to every detail with great insight and anticipated any and all obstacles.  He made himself available even on weekends and nights, which proved invaluable with our busy work schedules.  He exceeded all of our expectations and without hesitation or any reservation, we would highly recommend Ron Buck.

Ron produces a top notch offering memorandum

Posted by Tony Butler - Senior Managing Director, Co-Head of Securitization at RAIT Financial Trust on

Ron produces a top-notch offering memorandum. I've been looking at small businesses to buy for over a year and I've not seen a better or more thorough write-up than the one I recently read from Ron. It addresses multiple levels of questions before having the first call or site visit; it will serve and save time for all parties involved.

Attention to detail and thoroughness

Posted by Matt Bailey - Director at Venture South Piedmont on

Ron's attention to detail and thoroughness in prepping a business for sale benefits both sides of the transaction. Acquirers have confidence that the data is accurate and complete and the seller is ready to sell; sellers see their businesses presented professionally and thoroughly which attracts multiple offers. Ron really sets the standard for business brokers and advisors in the Triad.

As a buyer, we have really appreciated the depth and thoroughness of his work

Posted by Malay Shah - Director at VentureSouth Piedmont on

Selling a business can be daunting for anyone. Ron has been fantastic in preparing owners both for the financial and emotional components of transitioning to new ownership. As a buyer, we have really appreciated the depth and thoroughness with which Ron works with sellers to provide a full and fair profile of their companies. It's a lot of work, but in the end it benefits both the buyer and the seller.

A joy to do business with

Posted by Ari Medoff - CEO at Arosa+LivHOME on

It is a joy to do business with Ron. He is smart, responsive, and a problem-solver.

Ron Buck sold our transportation business

Posted by Triad Transportation on

Chris Youmans
President, United Capital Funding
President, Triad Transportation

Purchasing transportation business

Posted by Archangels Transit on

My wife and I recently bought a business that Ron represented as the seller's agent. Ron proved to be a true professional in his field. For the entire six-month due diligence and contract period, Ron was extremely helpful in getting any information needed for us in a timely fashion. He made himself available throughout all hours of the day and even on the weekends. He is definitely a very dedicated individual to ensure the best outcomes for both buyers and sellers. We were very pleased with how he handled the entire transaction from beginning to end and will definitely use him again in the future.

Mike Yaft,

Archangels Transit

Consummate professional – Ron Buck

Posted by Carolina Material Handling on

Consummate professional from intro, opportunities, selection, introduction, vetting process, detail, empathetic detail, first class team professional contacts, follow through, pre-closing detail, closing detail, & incredible POST detail…EXTRA MILE principle throughout the entire transaction process! Eager to stabilize current successful purchase and eager to do another with Ron Buck!

John “Mid” Middleton President,

Carolina Material Handling

Ron is a true professional and it was a pleasure working with him

Posted by Jeffrey Elsner - Vice President Sales & Development at BigMouth Inc. on

Ron is a true professional and it was a pleasure working with him. We were the buyers of a company he represented and he did a great job of facilitating a successful sale of the business. He managed the process every step of the way in an honest, efficient and thorough manner. I highly recommend Ron as he is a man of integrity who understands what is needed to achieve the goals of his clients. 

From the offering memorandum to the due diligence materials, Ron made the process a pleasure

Posted by Steve Wampold - Founder & Board Member at BigMouth Inc. on

I recently acquired a business where Ron Buck of Murphy Business Sales represented the seller. From the offering memorandum to the due diligence materials, Ron made the process a pleasure. He was always prompt, courteous and a true professional. He understood the business that he represented thoroughly having clearly done significant research before bringing the business to market. To Murphy Business sales credit, Ron identified me as a potential suitor for this business and reached out directly, and he did not just advertise the business like some business brokers do. 

How fortunate we have been to choose Murphy Business & Financial for the sale of our Company

Posted by Renate Meier - Owner, Peter Meier Inc. on

How fortunate we have been to choose Murphy Business & Financial for the sale of our Company. Ron Buck is knowledgeable, very professional and has done excellent work on all levels during this Business Transition. It exceeded by far our Expectations. I only can highly recommend this Company to anyone. From the beginning of the Transaction to the Ending it was done in a perfect, correct manner!

From start to finish, Ron was very professional and knowledgeable

Posted by Kathleen Cook - President, Carolina Car Care on

Ron Buck was the 3rd business broker we contracted with to try to sell our business over a 7 year period. He evaluated our business and told us up front to expect a 12 month turnaround. From start to finish, Ron was very professional and knowledgeable. His attention to detail in order to have all necessary documents in place ahead of closing made for a smooth process. It was 10 months from initial our meeting with Ron to closing. We feel that we got a fair price. I would highly recommend Ron Buck to anyone who is trying to sell their business. His guidance throughout the process was invaluable.

Highly recommend for integrity, knowledge and insight

Posted by Sherman Lee - Anesthesiologist at Rex Hospital on

Highly recommend for integrity, knowledge and insight. He was indispensable and helped thru the entire process. I intend to use his services again.

I would highly recommend using his services

Posted by Cecily Deming - 1st in Proactive Care on

I recently had the pleasant opportunity to work with Ron Buck on the sale of my business license. He was very thorough, knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole transaction. He kept me updated and in the loop throughout. I would highly recommend using his services if you want it done quickly and well. Thank you, Ron. I got my price!

His expertise and knowledge of the M&A process was invaluable

Posted by Tod Brown - President and CEO of Blue Rhino on

I worked with Ron on a business opportunity earlier this year. His expertise and knowledge of the M&A process was invaluable, and enabled me to properly value the business. His professional interaction with the seller and the sellers agent allow us to gain a clearer understanding of the upside, as well as, some of the challenges that would need to be taken into consideration. At the end of the day, the most valuable perspectives that Ron brought to the engagement was his calm demeanor, and depth of knowledge in completing successful transactions. I would highly recommend working with Ron if you have M&A needs.

He gets my highest recommendation to anyone trying to sell their business

Posted by Jeff Fuchs - Triad Clinical Trials on

Ron recently helped my wife and I sell her business. He gets my highest recommendation to anyone trying to sell their business. He is personable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to sell the business in a very short period of time at the price he appraised the business and at a price we felt was fair. Once a contract was in place, he helped guide us, the buyer, our accountants, and legal advisers to a successful closing.

Ron is an asset for any business buyer or seller

Posted by Don and Vickie Boyd - Treasures Décor on

Ron Buck guided us through a long and complicated negotiation period and closing for our business. Highest of praise and admiration for Ron Buck. As a business broker, Ron's calm demeanor and sensible approach to negotiations, high level of business knowledge as to banking, business law, marketing, growth and ethics makes Ron an asset for any business buyer or seller. If we are ever involved with a purchase or sale of another business, there is absolutely no question as to what advisor and broker we would use – Ron Buck.


Posted by Forrest Sanderson - Technical Solar Consultant at Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC on

I was very impressed and satisfied with Ron's work. He was great to work with: diligent, dependable, timely, and above and beyond. Ron does business how business should be done – he was honest and professional and facilitated our deal precisely and competently.