Buying a Business with Murphy Business in Seattle, Washington

1. Determine What Type Of Business To Buy

We’ll work with you to understand what kind of business you are looking for and why.  We’ll also work to understand your personal history and experiences so that we can help find you a business that you’ll be happy and successful in.

2. Find The Right Business

Once we understand what kind of business to look for, we’ll go to work finding you the right business.  This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year and depends on the type and size of business that you are looking for.

3. Make An Offer To Purchase

Once we’ve located the right business we’ll put together an offer to purchase.  This is a detailed contract that spells out the purchase price, closing date, exactly what you are purchasing as well as any contingencies that may be necessary in order to protect you.

4. Negotiate And Structure A Deal

We will be the go-between in the negotiation between the seller and buyer and will work diligently to ensure that everyone comes away happy.

Murphy Business & Financial Services has relationships with some of the premier loan brokerage firms in the country. These firms have relationships with hundreds of lenders and the expertise to know which ones to go to for which types of deals.

We are very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to structuring the deal so that the deal not only happens, but all parties come away happy.

5. Perform Due Diligence

During the due diligence period, you will make sure that everything is in order for the business. We will facilitate this happening, as well as be there to smooth over any hiccups that may come up to ensure that the deal happens.

6. Finalize Closing

Once due diligence has been performed and everything is in order the buyer and seller will attend the closing where all necessary documents are signed and any loans are finalized.