Linn Crader


Regional Developer


Linn Crader

Cell: (503) 781-5994

Phone: (503) 675-6272

4000 Kruse Way Place Suite 2-245

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Linn Crader has worked in the M&A industry for over 38 years, starting as Vice President for Finn & West, an M&A firm located in Southern Oregon. Linn's extensive background includes hundreds of successful transactions. He is well-known for a thorough approach to deal structuring that produces the desired results for his clients. Linn's depth of understanding and experience in business provide Murphy with a solid foundation.

Linn is nationally recognized as an advocate for the advancement and development of ethics and professionalism in the M&A field. His activities include teaching continuing education courses in subjects relating to M&A deal structure in the middle market. He is highly regarded for his efforts in incorporating estate planning, charitable remainder trusts and tax-saving strategies in deal structure. Linn is a popular guest speaker at many national professional development seminars and for a number of local business groups.

Linn served as Vice President of Finance for the Institute of Certified Business Counselors and is a member of the International Business Brokers Association and the M&A Source. He is also a member of the Executive Officers Club, a non-profit group dedicated to providing professional support in the development of private business enterprises. Linn has held a number of leadership positions in many fraternal and professional organizations.