Selling a Business with the Springfield, Missouri (MO) Murphy Professionals

Murphy Business adheres to the highest professional standards when helping you sell a business.  Our affiliations with National and International Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition associations help reveal the broadest number of qualified potential buyers. Our clients benefit from these networks, which enable us to provide access to the broadest number of qualified potential buyers. This reach is something you just can’t get with many neighborhood real estate and business sales firms. Instead of having access to your own local market, Murphy connects you worldwide. When choosing the Springfield, Missouri (MO) Murphy Business, you will have a professional partner represent you through the entire process and answers all of your questions on how to sell a business.

How to Sell a Business

All of our professionals have owned or managed a business in the past, which gives us first-hand experience to help pilot clients through the process of selling a business. The experienced professionals at the Springfield, Missouri (MO) office will be with you each step of the way when answering the challenging questions of “how to sell a business”.

  • Prepare a detailed offering portfolio
  • Arrange a business valuation
  • Develop a marketing plan to sell the business
  • Implement the plan and promote to potential buyers
  • Negotiate offer to purchase or letter of intent
  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Finalize Closing through Financing and Funding

Benefits to Sellers

Murphy Business offers a partnership with experienced professionals when selling a business. We start with preparing a professional valuation of your business to determine its fair market value and ensure that it’s priced appropriately, normally resulting in a faster sale. Additionally, Murphy offers a detailed portfolio above the typical on page MLS form. Going above and beyond to this information gathering and presentation helps Murphy professionals exceed expectations when selling a business.

In addition, Murphy Business brokers can create a customized marketing plan to attract the most suitable qualified buyer. Our local and national connections and associations create a network of thousands of brokers seeking out the correct buyer.

We provide our network of banking professionals to assist the buyer with traditional financing or SBA small business loans. While providing this service we can often minimize the amount of seller financing, if needed.

Contact your local Springfield, Missouri (MO) office to sell a business with maximum marketing exposure and minimum selling time. Murphy will be with you from the business valuation to preparing it for sale, then finding and qualifying prospective purchasers, and lastly managing the process to a successful closing.


The Springfield Murphy Business office has beneficial connections in the Springfield Metro area including Ozark, Nixa, Lebanon, Bolivar, Buffalo, Branson, and Joplin.