Instrumental in Helping Sell Business

Posted by Murphy Business on

I worked with Arturo Kalb in connection with an acquisition of a paving business in British Columbia. Arturo was instrumental in helping the selling business owners and the buyer reach mutually beneficial deal terms. His knowledge and responsiveness throughout the process fostered a great working relationship between all parties that resulted in a successful sale of the business.

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Exceptionally Knowledgeable Professional

Posted by Elaine McCaw on

Arturo Kalb is an exceptionally knowledgeable professional, and a truly enjoyable person to work with throughout the sale of my business. Transparent communication, combined with the wisdom of business experience, acuity with contracts, straightforward guidance, great interpersonal skills when dealing with all parties in the sale of a business – in short, Arturo was a PRO!

I would highly recommend Arturo for a decision as important as the sale or purchase of a business. 10 stars, and many thanks again!

Knowledge, Experience & Vision

Posted by Sergio Dratwa, Van Exer-Tech. on

Arturo Kalb’s knowledge, experience and vision were fundamental when it came to the sale of my business.  My field of business was somewhat uncommon, but he quickly saw the value in it, and was certain that it could be sold well. Although the Covid pandemic directly impacted my industry, Arturo found multiple interested parties throughout this period, and managed to close a deal.

He helped me to prepare the company for the sale as well as helping prepare me for purchaser meetings. He understood how the business functioned, and was able to properly present it to potential buyers. He has intelligent perspectives, and has always been positive, good natured, and a pleasure to deal with.

Arturo’s efforts have exceeded my expectations of an experienced business broker by far, and now I think of him as a friend. I am sure that anybody selling their business would find him a valuable resource.

If you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to discuss Arturos’s contributions toward selling my business in greater detail.

Highly Recommended

Posted by Manuel Miguelez, Rhizoma Ventures on

I had the pleasure to work with Arturo Kalb from Murphy Business Sales on the buy side on a couple of occasions. In my experience, Arturo is a very knowledgeable broker with great people skills, high level of professionalism, a smooth negotiator and a great asset for getting deals done. On top of this, he will always strive to protect the best interests of his clients and display the patience and perseverance required to navigate through the ups and downs of any deal.

Throughout my experience with different business brokers, Arturo has stood out as one of the most honest, respectable, and trustworthy. I would absolutely recommend Arturo Kalb.



Thank you, Arturo!

Posted by Anne Brady, Anbry Skin Solutions on

Arturo Kalb was my Business Broker and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Although my business was small and suitable for purchase by a very niche market, Arturo’s commitment to marketing and working with potential purchasers never faltered. When an initial offer to purchase was received, Arturo was there every step of the way to ensure steps forward were made expeditiously and methodically. He ensured communication was kept open and clear every step of the way through to a successful close. Working with Arturo I felt like I was equally as important as if my listing was for a multi-million dollar business. Arturo was always readily available to communicate and would anticipate possible obstacles before they had the opportunity to arise. Arturo is knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and communicates clearly and respectably with everyone.

Thanks to Arturo, the Deal Got Done

Posted by Peter Poulin, Cariboo Taxi on

I would like to thank Arturo Kalb from Murphy Business Brokers for all the great work he put into selling my business. Arturo made the process easy even when dealing with a difficult buyer.

In the end, Murphy Business Brokers got the deal done thanks to Arturo. Arturo Kalb was amazing to work with and I would highly recommend Murphy Business Brokers for selling your business.

His valuation of the company gave us confidence in our asking price

Posted by Ken Hughes-Adams - Madrone Environmental Services Ltd. on

We retained Arturo Kalb of Murphy Business to assist us in selling our environmental consulting business. Though I was initially skeptical about the value of using a business broker, Arturo’s contributions to the process won me over. His valuation of the company gave us confidence in our asking price. The way he packaged the listing highlighted our company’s strengths and provided potential buyers with a good sense of why the business would continue to be profitable. Perhaps most importantly, he found the right buyer, outside of our industry and geographic area – something we wouldn’t have been able to do ourselves. He provided sage advice about negotiating and when useful acted as an intermediary to maintain momentum. Lastly, he kept the due diligence and the final contract negotiations on track and focussed on the important things. In short, Arturo’s knowledge of the selling process and great interpersonal skills smoothed the way at every step. Having him on our team was worth every penny we paid him.

After I decided to sell my 23 year old business

Posted by Dr. Christina Dobson, MSW, RSW, EdD - Senior Advisor Health & Wellness Program on

After I decided to sell my 23 year old business, a quick search on the internet showed that Murphy Business appeared to be a strong business broker in Canada. I contacted Murphy Business and received a response from broker Arturo Kalb almost immediately. Arturo explained the selling process and we agreed to move forward. Arturo valuated my business and began looking for a buyer. Within a few months he had a number of interested buyers and by the end of the 6th month we had a letter of Intent. Selling a business can be a confusing and at times, emotional process. Arturo guided me through the process right to the end. Arturo’s professional and very personable style made the process go smoothly. I quickly learned to trust his guidance and believed that he was doing the best job he could, while being fair to both me and the buyer. I highly recommend Arturo Kalb and Murphy business.


It was a great pleasure to work with you

Posted by Dean Ramsbottom on

It was a great pleasure to work with you on the sale of my company. You were always prepared and wasted no time of mine which I am grateful for as you know my schedule was very tight between my three interests. Even when challenges arose you were there to assist, support and cultivate solutions, along with other options. The turn around time from posting sale to closing deal was quite swift and with a few months now past am really content with the new ownership’s direction and minimal transition time (which is awesome!). As you know I had short listed three brokers and obviously chose you. It was a choice I did not regret and would recommend you personally to anyone needing reference to make that same choice.

Arturo was a pleasure to work with

Posted by Kobie Brandt - Vice President / Universal Group on

Arturo was a pleasure to work with on our transaction. When I first contacted him he was forthright and indicated that the subject company was under an executed LOI. He did note my level of interest and indicated he would be in touch if anything changed with that deal. Arturo did indeed stay in touch and true to his word contacted us to indicate the business was still available. We were able to with Arturo’s guidance, get an LOI completed on the deal and close within 75 days. His focus on both his client’s side and our interest in the business was respectful and transparent. He was very calm in moments of tension and kept his client informed and involved in a very professional way. His attention to detail on the paperwork was very thorough and his steering of the support resources (accounting, legal) was very well managed. Working with Arturo was a pleasure and I look forward to doing a deal again with him soon.

I highly recommend Mr. Kalb

Posted by Dennis Del Torre - Good Earth Services on

Arturo Kalb took my business and sold it for me in a very professional efficient manner. With all the resources available to Murphy Business he quickly fielded many inquiries and was able to filter out all but serious offers and found the buyer. He did all this with no bother to me other than providing pertinent information about my business. I highly recommend Mr. Kalb to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

I had the pleasure of working with Arturo Kalb

Posted by Marni Manegre - Former Director & Business Owner / Wine & Art Kelowna Inc. on

I had the pleasure of working with Arturo Kalb, when I had decided to list and sell our business. Mr. Kalb is very professional and knowledgeable and is quick to respond to any questions or inquiries. I am very impressed with how hard he worked during the entire process of the sale, which was less than 2 months long. Mr. Kalb is very honest and has strong moral principles, which I find to be of the highest importance with any business transaction.