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Franchise Resale – Franchisee


You’ve worked hard…you have earned it. Now the culmination of years of effort is ready to pay off. The process of selling your business for maximum profit is a proven formula, not just another transaction like selling a house. Proper documentation, marketing, and execution all need to flow with precision to achieve the highest possible selling price.

Since Murphy Business brokers specialize in the sale of businesses, you won’t find more knowledgeable experts anywhere. We are a franchise brand ourselves, we thoroughly understand the franchise transfer process.

The sale of a business is more effectively and efficiently managed by a professional business broker who is experienced in all aspects of the transaction. Buying or selling a business demands a level of expertise that only a business broker possesses. We can prepare a professional valuation of your business to determine its fair market value and ensure that it is priced appropriately.

We create a complete offering package that provides more information about your business and we develop a custom plan to promote your business to prospective buyers. We believe that this unique Murphy Business service helps us sell your business faster and for more money. And we make it a point to understand the qualifications that your franchisor will require of a new franchisee in order to find a buyer that will meet their approval.

We direct market your business through our team of over 250 business brokers and on multiple websites in order to find the right buyer. When we find that right buyer we will educate them on the transfer process and requirements in order to assure approval by your franchisor and a smooth transition.

We will assist the buyer in arranging financing, including traditional financing or SBA small business loans.

We will guide and assist you throughout the entire transfer process.


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