How to Manage Change in Your Organization

Revisiting the basics that small business owners often overlook will bring about the need to change your organization. Change can be daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be daunting if done as part of a disciplined process. In this post we look at how to manage change in four steps. It is a process that will sharpen your ... Continue reading

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Why You Need a Small Business Vision Plan

Having a vision plan is one of the basics of owning a small business, but it’s sometimes unintentionally neglected. A small business vision plan is important because it articulates the owner’s strategy and goals to all stakeholders. Many successful small businesses are often led by a charismatic and driven entrepreneur who ... Continue reading

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Do You Have a Product-Driven or Market-Driven Business?

The first step in identifying your company's driving force is to determine whether you have a product-driven or market-driven business. In the previous blog post we told you that in the next few weeks we’d be focusing on some of the basics of owning and managing your own small business. In that first post we defined a market ... Continue reading

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Who is Your Business’ Audience?

Identifying your business’ audience is one of the first -- and most important steps -- you should take as an owner to set yourself up for success. We know that running a small business takes a lot of an owner’s time, efforts and focus. There are customers to satisfy, new sales to be made and payroll to be met among a myriad ... Continue reading

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Know the Difference Between Marketing and Sales

There are many explanations of the difference between marketing and sales, some quite long. But as is often the case, the best definitions are the simplest and shortest. Marketing is about the needs of the customer. Sales are about the company’s need to make the cash register ring. One of the most often voiced comments ... Continue reading

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Offense or Defense? Small Business Owners Play Both!

As we approach the end of the regular college football season, most Americans are ready to cheer on their favorite teams during December’s conference championship games and the bowl games beginning later in the month and continuing into early 2014. Professional football fans are right in the middle of the regular season, which ... Continue reading

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Small Businesses and the Law

Did you know that your small business is subject to the same regulations as a giant commercial entity? If you find this startling news, you’re not alone; most entrepreneurs in the United States assume that laws apply only to much larger corporations. All companies – small, medium, large and mammoth – must adhere to the ... Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency, is Your Small Business Prepared?

Natural disasters may hit at any time of the year, but the recent wildfires in Colorado and derecho (line of violent thunderstorms) that cut a path across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic have made Americans aware that the atmosphere is often very unstable during the summer months. Have you given any thought to a disaster plan of action for your ... Continue reading

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Labor and Employment Laws

In a previous post, we noted that small businesses are not exempt from following federal and state laws and regulations. Being unaware of these many laws does not mean you can ignore them. Failure to comply might result in hefty fines or civil penalties. In some instances, criminal charges could be a factor. Some of the most numerous and ... Continue reading

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The Value of Organization and Time Management

How often do you find yourself looking for that important – yet somehow misplaced – piece of paper? Do you promise yourself that you’re going to become better organized, but find the days, weeks and months slipping by with too much work to do and not enough time to start that new filing system or categorize your overflowing email ... Continue reading

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