Murphy Business Sales is one of the largest and most successful Business Brokerage/Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory organizations in North America with offices conveniently located throughout the United States and Canada. Our team of professionals is best known for their ability to confidentially connect qualified buyers with business owners wishing to sell their businesses. The Murphy Business Sales of Ohio team, from their headquarters in Hudson Ohio, primarily serves the cities of Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, and other communities within Northeast Ohio as well as an office in Columbus Ohio. 


Our experienced broker intermediaries utilize a proven, proprietary, process combined with effective tools and resources to help people buy, sell or determine the market value of a business. Our professional business advisors leverage their decades of experience to help get business owners matched with a qualified, capable buyer.


We’re A Family Business!

Murphy Business Sales of Ohio operates as a family business, with father and son team William B. White, and Bill White Jr. acting as brokers as well as Regional Developers for Murphy Business Sales in several states. As members of a large family ourselves, we have a special understanding of the unique needs of our clients who are often concerned with the needs of THEIR families, be that their spouses and children, parents and grandparents, or even the employees they have come to think of as family.


“Our company, like so many of yours, is a multigenerational family business, which gives us a special understanding of the needs and concerns of family-owned businesses” ~ Bill White Jr.



As Regional Developers for Murphy Business Sales, we are charged with coaching Murphy broker intermediaries and supervising transactions for the state of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and the state of Indiana. Although our proven, proprietary process works in virtually all industries, the Whites have vast experience in many industries including service businesses, manufacturing, distribution, franchises, restaurants and the trades such as plumbing, cleaning, landscaping, Heating & Air (HVAC) roofing, and contractors of all sorts.


Murphy Business Sales of Ohio are members of many national and international industry associations including:



Professional, experienced intermediaries provide the following unsurpassed services:


The Murphy Business Sales of Ohio team serves a large geographic area with offices in Hudson, Youngstown, and Columbus. The Ohio area, in general, has a thriving economy as well as a diversified and educated population that is growing year after year. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Ohio has a lot to offer a business owner to ensure success and the Murphy team can help. With a proven, proprietary,  process that is based on thorough preparation, a wide variety of effective tools and resources, and a team of honest, hardworking, and experienced broker intermediaries – we can help you buy, sell, or value a business.


If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your business, please contact the Murphy Business Sales of Ohio team at (330) 650-9000 or contact us here.