Own A Business Broker Franchise with Murphy Business

A Murphy Business broker franchise could be your ticket to long-term success franchising is the largest business in the United States. When you own a Murphy Business broker franchise, you will be on the front lines of a booming industry. Why? Because, as a business broker franchise owner, you will be engaging with business buyers and sellers to close business transactions that result in win-win scenarios. In today’s competitive world, it’s rare to find a business that is so fundamentally satisfying and where every party comes away as a winner.



A Business Broker Franchise Can’t Be Beat

Every day in your life as a franchise owner with Murphy Business gives you the opportunity to build your reputation. But you won’t have to work it alone. As the largest and most successful business transfer company in North America, Murphy Business franchise owners quickly realize the benefit of our well-established brand. At Murphy Business, we are widely recognized for integrity, high ethical practices, and stringent adherence to confidentiality. So, you’ll have a strong head start as a franchisee! In turn, you can quickly establish your own personal reputation as a business broker expert.

A Business Broker Franchise is a Smart Investment with High Return

A Murphy Business broker franchise is considered a “capital-light” business because you are free of any brick-and-mortar investment. What’s more, you don’t need to hire hourly employees, but you can rely on sales agents in your defined territory to help build your business. A business broker franchise is a uniquely low-cost, low-overhead professional opportunity where your business acumen and entrepreneurial drive are your key assets. A typical first-year franchise can be successfully launched for under $100,000. This reasonable investment includes everything you need to get your home-based brokerage business off the ground with complete confidence.

Get Step-by-Step Guidance for Success

Here’s a summary of the special advantages you’ll have when you join the Murphy family:

  • Comprehensive training online and in-class with industry experts
  • Extensive technology tools
  • Proprietary CRM software that integrates with other business tools
  • Intranet communication platform for sharing best practices
  • Databases of useful industry information
  • Marketing and advertising assistance to help you generate leads
  • Access to buyers and sellers

A business broker franchise offers huge growth potential. We can give you all the details and help you explore opportunities with Murphy Business. Give us a call today