Dennis Barber

Business Intermediary


Dennis Barber

Phone: (252) 377-4888

101 Blount Street

Edenton, North Carolina 27932

Dennis Barber III received his PhD in Economics from the University of New Mexico. Before graduate school, Dr. Barber was a sales director in one of the top-five temporary staffing agencies. While completing his PhD, he founded a career management consulting and engineering recruiting firm. His clients included Pratt-Whitney and subcontractors for Sikorsky Helicopters and Lockheed Martin. Dennis founded a joint venture in Brazil, while living in Brasília, focused on recruiting and vetting international technologies for entrance into the Brazilian market. First entering academia with a position in business economics with Georgia Southern University (Savannah campus), he now holds tenure and leads the Miller School of Entrepreneurship at East Carolina University. With three other partners, Dennis launched an HR and Safety consulting firm focused on strategy, leadership, and workplace safety. As a certified family business advisor, Dennis works to help owners with succession planning, exit planning, and successor development.