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Neighborhood Wine Bar Restaurant

  • Listing# : 16968
  • Listed Price : $735,000
  • Total Sales : $1,468,825
  • SIC : 5813
  • Down Payment : $585,000
  • Status : Active
  • Discretionary Earnings : $204,512

Business Type :

Liquor Related Biz / Beer/Wine Bar; Alcohol Related / Taverns; Restaurants / Brew/Pub

Business Description :

A Tallahassee neighborhood Craft Beer, Specialty Wine and Elevated Pub Food Restaurant For Sale. Solid business with a large customer base. Classic turnkey deal ready for a new owner to walk in. Seller has built a wonderful reputation and has established a “Cheers” like atmosphere where everyone knows your name.

The restaurant first opened in the beginning of 2017 with a goal to create an atmosphere similar to the owner’s home where people would immediately feel welcome as they walked in the front door. This was accomplished by training the staff to an “old school” culture. Each customer is a guest and is treated as such. Made sure to feel the warm hospitality from the moment they are greeted at the front door until they are thanked and said goodbye to as they walk outside the restaurant. This cozy culture is evident as the décor was designed for warmth: subtle colors, wine racks, stack stone behind the bar, and a granite bar instead of wood. This was designed so people felt they were sitting at their kitchen counter or looking at the stack stone on a fireplace wall: "The comfort of being home but still enjoying a night out." The select food dishes are high quality comfort food consistent with the entire ambiance. This culture has been very well received and positive reviews about the ambiance is frequently commented in social media.

The business continued to thrive achieving 3 years of consistent net sales growth until the challenges of Covid. The loyal customer base helped the business through that difficult year by ordering take-out food repeatedly through the weeks and bought numerous gift cards. In 2021 sales climbed and ended in a record net sales year! The substantial increase in sales felt in 2021 is continuing even stronger in 2022!


    • Accounts Receivable $0
    • Incl :
    • Real Estate $0
    • Incl :
    • Inventory $31,284
    • Incl : Yes
    • Liabilities $21,506
    • Incl : No
    • FF&E $150,517
    • Incl : Yes
    • Other: $0
    • Incl :
    • Leasehold $343,566
    • Incl : Yes
    • Total Assets $525,367
    • Incl : Yes

Lender Prequalified: No

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