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Franchise Resale – Franchisor

At Murphy Business we understand franchising because we are a franchise brand with a network of over 250 brokers with expertise in the business transfer process and who will collectively work to find buyers.

A key element of maintaining a healthy franchise network is to constantly bring new blood and new energy into your system by selling new franchise units and by helping existing franchisees exit the system.  A formally structured franchise resale program increases the probability of a smooth transition from franchisee to franchisee and ensures that this transition will result in an enhancement to the system and not a disruption.

Additionally, having a structured franchise resale program will give a great deal of comfort to the franchisees in knowing that there is a structured exit process. A franchise resale program encourages franchise owners to manage their business in a way that is focused on building long term value and encourages them to continue to grow their business. This is mutually beneficial as the franchisor will benefit from additional fees from increased revenues.

Franchisors typically promote “Being in business for yourself, not by yourself”.  A franchisor that includes a structured franchise resale program as part of their franchise system enhances their value proposition.  Franchise candidates will typically give weight in their decision to a brand which has an effective resale program that addresses the fact that franchisees will eventually exit the system.

Why Use Murphy Business to Administer Your Resale Program

Using Murphy to administer your franchise resale program will allow your franchise development department to focus on new unit goals versus spending time and resources in selling existing franchises. Additionally, franchisors will reduce their liability by not being involved in the valuation process and the sale as these transactions are in some states regulated by real estate or business brokerage regulations.