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Naim Rasheed  -  Business Transfer Specialist
Contact Information
12000 Ford Road, Suite 429
Dallas Texas 75234
Phone: (214) 751-3900
Cell: (214) 542-5007


In 1993, Naim worked with the government as a Safety and Compliance Specialist. His primary role was to collaborate with upper management to ensure compliance of employee safety, environmental regulations and hazardous material handling and disposal. In addition to working with the government, Naim started in Real Estate in 2006 as an entrepreneur were he bought and sold residential properties. In 2012, Naim received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Northwood University. After being in Real Estate for 8 years Naim recognized his opportunity to leverage is experience in Real Estate by adding value as a Murphy agent. Naim joined Murphy where he is dedicated to helping business minded people navigate through the strategic ways to buy, own and exit a business.

Naim’s passion and dedication to helping others has served him well in Real Estate and will be a driving force to his continued success at Murphy.

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