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Mary Anne Servian  -  Business Intermediary
Contact Information
6151 Lake Osprey Drive, 3rd Floor
Sarasota Florida 34240
Phone: (941) 925-1511
Cell: (941) 400-8521


Managing Director-The Sarasota Ballet responsible for budgeting, overall management and administration. Strengths: Organizational leadership, fiscal management, public speaking and collaborations.

President-Bridgeview Consulting that provided budgeting and fiscal consulting to state and local governments. Strengths: Assisted in finding new revenues sources without increasing taxes, public speaking, provided  strategic and critical new opportunities

Managing Partner of The Servian Group, a full-service Business Brokerage firm. Strengths: in-depth analysis of financials, negotiating with buyers and sellers to achieve a win-win solution, and strong communication skills to guide this often difficult process to a successful conclusion.

Mayor/City Commissioner-City of Sarasota responsible for setting a $180M budget and hiring professional charter officials. Chair of the Municipal Finance and Taxation Committee for the Florida League of Cities, served on numerous other local and state-wide committees. Strengths: listening and strong communication skills, building coalitions and prioritizing competing needs and wants.

Vice President M&T Bank responsible for implementation of software systems in Banks, Savings Association and Insurance Companies.

Vice President and other positions in Banking to include Operations, Lending Originations and Servicing. Strengths: Strong Organizational and management skills, consensus building and in depth knowledge of finance and accounting.

The Institute of Financial Education-Master in Banking and Finance

Harvard University-John F. Kennedy School of Government-Executive Program for Elected Officials

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