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Shiloh Sorensen
Shiloh Sorensen  -  Business Intermediary
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1702 N. Maple Leaf Cir.
Mapleton, Utah 84664
Phone: (801) 319-1028


For over 26 years, Shiloh has worked as a successful entrepreneur and consultant. He attended Utah Valley University, studying business management and psychology, and in 2000, started his entrepreneurship by opening an auto repair business. Through dedication and perseverance, Shiloh grew a loyal customer base of over 2300 patrons, producing $450,000 annually. In 2004, after successfully developing three residential subdivisions, Shiloh was enlisted by the Johnny Miller Group and Apex investments to help facilitate commercial and residential real estate projects worth over $40 Million. He then became a valued investment analyst for Johnny Miller’s future business opportunities. In 2010, Shiloh was recruited as an analyst for a manufacturing and importing company where he efficiently negotiated raw materials cost, reconfigured manufacturing processes, and redesigned packaging, saving the company over 8% annually. Shiloh then was rapidly promoted to Chief Operating Officer and built a strong executive team that was instrumental to the rapid growth of annual sales from $12 Million to $120 Million and won Walmart’s “Supplier of the Year” (only 4 out of 40,000 are selected) in 2011 and 2012. Through his diverse business and consulting experiences, Shiloh understands the challenges and opportunities of businesses both big and small, making him an ideal intermediary for a variety of companies.

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