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ActionCOACH North America LLC

ActionCOACH North America LLC
  • Listing# : F000323
  • Liquid Capital : $500,000
  • Type of Business : Business C...
  • Minimum Investment : $0
  • Maximum Investment : 3043000

Business Type :

Consulting Business

About Us :

Consulting Company is the World’s #1 business coaching firm. Currently, Consulting Company has more than 1,000 offices in 39 countries.

Founded in the early 1990's by world renowned entrepreneur, Consulting Company is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world.

Consulting Company offers executives and professionals an opportunity to leverage their extensive business experience and skill sets in a way that immediately helps and impacts owners and their businesses.

Key Business Features :

Offering: Master Franchise Licenses currently offered in 12 regions throughout the United States and for Canada as well. Any current underlying Royalty base is considered a bonus in the opportunity. Licensees earn 100% of the franchise fees sold in their respective regions, and 2/3rds of the monthly Royalty Fee. The term of the license agreement is 5/5/5 yr.

Master licenses are offered at $85,000 per million in population in each region.

The 12 Master Franchise License Regions and their respective values are as follows:

1. Mid-Atlantic $3,043,000
2. North Atlantic $2,490,000
3. Canada $2,250,000
4. Great Lakes $1,938,000
5. South $1,827,500
6. Southern CA-HI $1,768,000
7. Southwest $1,691,500
8. New York $1,674,500
9. Northern CA $1,530,000
10. Midwest $1,266,500
11. New England $1,232,500
12. Pacific NW $1,130,000

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