Why Murphy?

Selling a business, especially in a confidential manner, is not as simple as selling a car or even a house. Business owners, savvy as they may be, typically don’t have the expertise in selling a business like the expertise of Murphy Business Sales. But even if they did, they have a business to run, and they need to keep their business as healthy and profitable as possible so the business will command top dollar on the open market. Murphy Business can help you get the highest possible price for your business while keeping the everyday work of selling the business on our desks, not yours!

Our Success

As one of the most successful and well-known Business Brokerage/Merger & Acquisition service providers in the United States, we know what we are good at. Murphy is known to get businesses sold faster with less days on market with an average of 8.7 months compared with the industry average of nearly a full year. Murphy also has a higher closing rate of 39% compared to the industry average of 20%, which increases your chances of the business being sold. A little secret about closing ratio; stronger, larger, more profitable businesses can expect a far higher rate of success with Murphy Business Sales because businesses like these are in high demand. With businesses like these it isn’t a question of can we find a buyer, but rather how can we find the right buyer, and ideally get your successful business sold at a premium. Murphy Business Sales is an expert in selling businesses like these with our average deal size of over $625,000 compared with the average industry deal size of $249,000. Remember, these are averages and we have handled many multimillion-dollar transactions and are well-equipped to handle deal sizes of lower mid cap, privately held companies selling for upwards of 50 million dollars or more. That does not mean we can’t help Mrs. & Mr. Jones sell their local restaurant, bar, or retail shop. We know they need to sell their businesses too, and our process is designed to make that happen for all sizes and industries.

Our Experience

Our company has been advising on business sales for 30 years out of Hudson, Ohio. We have handled many transactions over those years in countless industries ranging in scale from small main street style “mom & pop” businesses to larger multimillion dollar operations with scores of employees. We have managed transactions in the trades such as construction, contracting, cleaning, plumbing, HVAC, and landscaping as well as manufacturing, distribution, restaurants, retail, franchises, and service businesses. Although our process is designed to find an appropriate buyer for most any business in any industry, we know you will want to be represented by an industry expert that has the experience to execute that process with a proven track record of success, and the experience required to negotiate on behalf of your needs, goals, and desires.