If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know exactly what a business broker / Merger & Acquisition Advisor does or why you’d want to use one when you buy or sell a business. Honestly, our business can be a pretty unethical, shady industry due to the lack of regulation. That’s why our mission is to be an ethical business brokerage/ M&A firm who sets buyers, sellers, and their businesses up for success in the next chapter of their lives. Picking the wrong broker/advisor (or not using one at all) can cost you time, money, and a lot of stress.


What to Expect

When you partner with Murphy Business of Cape, here’s what you can expect as a seller:

  1. Confidentiality: If word gets out that a business is for sale, employees start looking for new jobs, vendors change terms, and customers stop buying. All of these things put downward pressure on the transaction price.
  2. Accuracy: Read more about our highly accurate valuations here.
  3. Marketing: A comprehensive informational document about your business to send to interested parties. Once we receive non-disclosure agreement, buyers are given a very detailed marketing document to tell them about the business before they spend time talking with the owner.
  4. National reach: Blind, national, online marketing for your business along with leveraging our personal networks of buyers and brokers/advisors. Gone are the days when ownership only changes hands among local people.
  5. Screening: We work with each interested party and screen the candidates for you. This allows you to focus on keeping your business running instead of having to take time to deal with dozens of ‘tire kickers’ who may never actually make an offer.
  6. Protection: We’ll make sure each person/group signs a non-disclosure agreement before receiving any confidential information about your business.
  7. Vetting: We have an initial call with prospective buyers who are interested to make sure they are a good fit before introducing them to the seller.
  8. Facilitation: We facilitate the initial buyer seller call/meeting to make sure that everyone is on the same page and comfortable.
  9. Creativity in negotiations: We specialize in fully understanding the buyers and seller’s unique needs and developing creative structures to address them. This results in offers that don’t require as much back-and-forth negotiation.
  10. Documentation: Unless a buyer has a preferred format, our team prepares the formal Letter of Intent (LOI) or offer-to-purchase contract to be signed by both parties.
  11. Financing: We’ll help the buyer secure financing whether it’s through the SBA, conventional, their retirement accounts, or a seller note.
  12. Due Diligence: We facilitate the due diligence process to make sure it moves quickly and smoothly. This involves using a secure virtual deal room where all the parties who are involved have access.
  13. Escrow: We handle the escrowed funds for the transaction so both sides can be assured that the dollars will flow correctly.
  14. Closing documents: We partner with a neutral, third-party attorney to prepare the closing documents unless otherwise agreed upon. This ensures that the deal is documented fairly and properly. It also minimizes the back-and-forth of legal documents which saves time, frustration, and money.


Get Started

  1. Reach out: Schedule time to talk
  2. Connect: We’ll have a confidential and complimentary discussion to talk about goals
  3. Decide: Together, we’ll determine next steps