Your business is likely your largest investment…do you know what it is worth? Getting an accurate valuation on your company is vital in a number of situations: from selling to financial and strategic planning. You want to make sure that you get the right type of valuation for your situation and that it is performed by the right professional. Our team will take time to learn about your situation and needs and discuss the best valuation type for you.


The Right Valuation Matters

– The right professional: Accountants and financial planners will sometimes offer to do a valuation, but that isn’t their core business so it often results in an overinflated sense of value. At Murphy Business of Cape, we have every incentive to get the value right because our interests are aligned with yours: Price it too high, the business doesn’t sell and we don’t get paid. Price it too low and money is left on the table. This means we are highly accurate with our valuations.
– Accuracy: When we compare our valuations to the actual sale price of the deal, our valuations are accurate +/- 3%!
– Team approach: Sometimes you need a much larger, more in-depth valuation than we do in-house. When this is the case, we have an excellent team of experts to bring in to make sure that you get the robust report with the backing you need.


Types of Valuations

– Standard: The most common form of valuation we perform for main street businesses is called the Broker Opinion of Value (“BOV”). This report is used to establish a likely selling price. It can be used to list the business for sale on the open market, secure some types of financing, or for planning and discussion purposes. We are very proud to say that the BOVs performed in our office have been proven accurate +/- 3%.
– Complex: When your business is in the lower middle market, you need your valuation to stand up to the IRS, or you are breaking up a company, that’s when we’ll bring in our outside team of experts. They are qualified, professional, credentialed business appraisers experienced in all aspects of valuation. They have all of the certifications you’ll need to defend your value when the going gets tough.


Know Your Value

  1. The Right Fit: Schedule a conversation where we can determine the best valuation for your needs.
  2. Documentation: Provide all the documentation and answer questions so we can get to know your business better.
  3. Delivery: We’ll spend an hour with you going over the valuation results so you know exactly what is driving your value.


Why Perform a Business Valuation?

Sooner or later every business owner needs a reliable valuation for one or more of a variety of reasons:

– Business sale
– Financing or refinancing
– Buy/Sell agreement
– Shareholder disputes
– Divorce
– Estate planning
– Insurance claims
– Gift taxes
– Litigation
– Mergers
– Partnership buyout
– “C” Corp. to “S” Corp. conversion
– Allocation of purchase price

Schedule a call for a confidential conversation to discuss your business’ value.