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August. Here in Southeast Missouri, that means sweltering heat and school starting back up. As families get back into a routine, we also see an uptick in business owners recommitting to their business goals. For some, that’s thinking about strategic growth. For others, it’s considering if it is finally time to sell. For us here at Murphy Business, August is full of confidential conversations to see if we can help business owners with their goals. Here’s what that help usually looks like:

Strategic Growth:

If an owner is focusing on strengthening their company and organic growth, we’ll often conduct a business valuation called a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV). These reports are highly accurate and help an owner know where they stand. BOV’s can be used with a financial planner to make sure retirement goals are on track and internally to make sure the company is stable and well positioned.
If an owner is focusing on growing through acquisition, we’ll partner with them for a search campaign. We can help find potential targets, vet them, and structure deals. These can be a one-off purchase or a series of acquisitions for more aggressive growth.

Business Sale:

When an owner starts considering the sale of their business, there are a lot of questions to answer. Is the business marketable? How do you sell a business? Who do you turn to for help with the process? Obviously, if you ask us, we’ll tell you an experienced business broker/M&A advisor you know, like, and trust is the best person to have on your team to help with this huge milestone. We’ll value the business to determine what it is worth. Then we’ll have a conversation about the owner’s goals and needs, if they’re ready to retire, or talk about what they’ll pursue next if it’s just time for another adventure. Confidentially sourcing buyers and finding the perfect fit for the business is where we shine. Then we guide the seller and buyer through diligence and all the legal paperwork so that everyone gets to the closing table without hating each other (things can get a little crazy at the end of a deal).

Business brokerage is a pretty unique industry that most people don’t know much about. Please give us a call at 335-1885 when you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you value, buy, or sell a business. We’ll have a confidential conversation and guide you to the best path.