Sell a Business

Posted by Murphy Business Broker – Shelly Stansfield on

Two recent discussions are worth considering when thinking of about selling your business. One gentleman wants to sell his business to a couple employees in a couple of years and the other wants to sell in 10 years.

TWO YEAR GOAL: A moderately successful business owner and I discussed having a business valuation completed on his business so it could be listed for sale in two years. In the meantime, his sales person discovered a new niche market and the business has exploded this summer. He is now working on expansion into new markets and will sell shortly afterward the expansion to his employees. We are working as a team with his CPA-Tax advisor, banker, and Business Attorney to develop the proper structure for both seller and buyers, and are putting the documents together for a Business Appraisal.

TEN YEAR GOAL: A business owner called to discuss the process required to sell his business in 10 years. Being well-prepared is smart. The problem is that this owner was not only the operation of the business, but the sole employee. He makes plenty to live on, cover his expenses, and would be able to provide another person a reasonable living. The reluctance is to hire an employee or two and accept the responsibility for educating them in his field of expertise. When asked if he enjoys vacation time, he immediately affirmed that he takes plenty of time off, but that he lives with the phone in his pocket 24/7. His equipment and assets are minimal, so it is his expertise and experienced service that is of value. The name of his company is his own. You get the picture.

How do you currently operate your business? Are you concerned with short-term goals or are you planning the future? Consider the above, your industry, and your succession plans. Which is salable at a premium? We at Murphy Business & Financial are here to help.