Murphy Business Of Cape Girardeau Announces New Endorsement

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Murphy Business of Cape Girardeau has announced a new endorsement. They are now an endorsed provider for Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Toolkit. EntreLeadership helps business owners grow themselves, their teams, and their profits through online business coaching and live events. They have created the Toolkit page as a place where business owners can find trusted partners who can help them solve problems and reach their goals.

Jennifer Smith, MBA, BCI, CMAI, owner of Murphy Business of Cape, said “Business owners have to be careful when selecting a business broker in this unregulated industry. There are a lot of sharks out there. Selecting the wrong partner when it is time to value or sell your business could cost you time, money, and a lot of frustration. We are proud to be included as a partner that EntreLeadership recommends to their community of business owners nationwide.”

When a business owner is ready to value or sell their company, Murphy Business is ready to guide them through that process. The first step is to reach out and have an initial conversation to learn more about the owner and their situation. Next, a business valuation is performed to determine the market value of the business. Then Murphy Business helps the business owner determine next steps: sell the business now or keep growing the value for a few years.

Smith says, “Imagine knowing that you had a trusted professional on your team to help you determine what your business is worth and then guide you through the selling process. With this new endorsement, our clients can feel confident that they are partnering with an experienced and reputable business broker.”

Earning the endorsement of EntreLeadership is a sign that business owners can put their trust in Murphy Business of Cape Girardeau. “Business owners face a lot of tough decisions. How will you decide who to partner with when you’re ready to value or sell your business? We hope this stamp of approval from the Dave Ramsey organization, which is known for its thorough vetting processes, helps make the choice a little easier for business owners,” added Smith.

For more information, call 573-335-1885. To view other businesses in the EntreLeadership Toolkit, visit